HIV Tested in 60 Seconds

FREE HIV testing in 7 pharmacies in Coventry


Free HIV testing in seven pharmacies in Coventry - results in 60 seconds

You can now have a free fingerprick HIV test in Coventry - just ask at the counter in the following pharmacies:

  • Boots, 49 The Precinct, Coventry City Centre, CV1 1DS
  • Boots, Unit 7, Central Six Retail Park, Coventry, CV3 6TA
  • Boots, 3-5 Cross Cheaping, Coventry City Centre, CV1 1HF
  • Henley Green Pharmacy, 53 Broad Park Road, Coventry, CV2 1DB
  • Superdrug, 21-23 Market Way, Coventry City Centre, CV1 1DL
  • Vantage Chemist, 130 Far Gosford Street, Lower Stoke, Coventry, CV1 5EA
  • Woodend Pharmacy, 67 Deedmore Road, Coventry, CV2 1AX

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